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Rabban Readymix has a wealth of experience, supplying concrete throughout Qatar, which has given us a very diverse products range.  Here you can read about our range of readymixed concrete and our range of readymixed mortars and plasters

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Rabban range of Readymixed Concrete in Qatar


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Mixes to QCS

We supply a full range of mixes that comply with the Qatar Construction Standards (QCS). We also tailor mix designs to specific Project requirements, and most mixes are pumpable, as standard.

High Rise Pumped Concrete

RRM has many years experience of designing, producing and supplying, concrete to be pumped to very high levels, beyond the reach of normal boom pumps.

High Strength Concrete

We have successfully supplied very high strength concrete, in the range from 60MP to 120MP, where required.

Impermeable and Highly Impermeable Concrete (I & HI)

We are able to produce Impermeable & Highly Impermeable concrete, as defined by the QCS, complying with all the extra properties.

Mixes with Silica Fume, PFA, GGBS, or Combinations

Rabban Readymix, have experience of supplying concretes with cement replacements, like Silicafume, Flyash (PFA) and Slag (GGBS), as well as double or triple blended combinations. Because of this, we have a wealth of test data on the performance of such mixes.

Self Compacting Concrete (SCC)

Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) is a recent development, providing very popular, as it ensures that all cavities are filled, and no honeycombing is experienced. This type of concrete was initially used for specific activities and difficult to pour areas, but is becoming used more as a normal concrete. It cuts down the need for vibration compaction, and speeds up placing, whilst reducing the manpower requirements. Rabban Readymix was the first company to supply this type of product in Qatar, and have a wealth of experience in the design and production of this product.

Retarded Mortars

RRM were again the first Readymix company in Qatar, to commercially supply retarded mortars successfully, to contractors. These allow contractors to speed up their brick and blockwork walling, and reduce onsite wastage, more efficient use of manpower. Contractors have also used this material where there is a shortage of space on site. Mixes can be designed for normal pointing, plastering etc…

Flowable Thermal Backfill (FTB)

RRM have worked with certain local contractors, and the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) to develop a backfilling material, with low thermal resistance, suitable for backfilling trenches containing buried high voltage cables. This material is now specifies for any buried energized cable.

Trench Fill

This is a low cost, low strength material, having a high CBR, delivered by truck mixer, to quickly backfill trenches, eliminating the need to compact fill in layers, when traditional fill is used. This material eliminates the need for having wide trenches, to accommodate working space, and speeds up operations. Ideal for road crossings, where it is important to reduce the time that roads are closed, and avoiding the possibility of subsidence, once it is subjected to traffic. Being low strength, it is easy to remove, should the need arise.

Rabban range of Specialised Concretes with Additives

We have experience of supplying many types of concrete for specific situations, containing additives, for Non-shrink properties, Water Resisting Properties, and for Corrosion Resistance.


We also produce Fibre reinforced concrete, for various uses, and Coloured concrete

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Rabban Durafoam, Rabban Fibrecrete, Rabban Fastrack, Rabban Duraflow, Rabban Colourcrete, Rabban Watertight, Rabban Duracrete





Rabban range of ready to use Readymixed Mortars and Plasters in Qatar


Rabban Readymix provides a wide range of specialist Ready to Use mortar products representing the optimum and cost effective choice to meet the needs of the specifier, contractor and user.

Raw Materials

Rabban’s Mortars are manufactured using a carefully controlled blend of Cement, Sand and admixtures conforming to BS Specifications and Qatar Construction Standards. The quality of a mortar’s individual components and the nature of subsequent blending are the critical elements which will result in a material of the necessary strength, durability and performance.

Mortars for Masonry (Blocks) – Rabban M1

The use of Rabban’s factory made mortar provides specific benefits which acknowledge the requirements of the user and specifier in respect of the wet and hardened properties. It provides the following advantages:

  • Workability
    Careful control of raw materials and mix design ensures that good workability is readily attainable.
  • Durability
    Factory production using accurate plant and equipment ensures greater durability of the mortar and life of the joint resulting in significant reduction in potential water ingress and subsequent maintenance needs. No subsequent addition of water is required, if the mortar is protected from sun and wind.
  • Strength
    Compressive and flexural strengths comply with the standards
  • Economy
    Improved workability makes the mortar easier to use and there is less wastage through droppings
  • Productivity
    Productivity is increased as the mortar is available for use at all times, especially in the early mornings when the workforce do not have to wait for the mortar to be prepared.

Mortars for Plaster/Render

The ready to use mortars for Plaster have a different composition of Sand compared to Block Mortars. The sand composition will depend on the type of finish required at site.

To control and minimise Plastic Cracking of the Mortars, the addition of Monofilament Polypropylene Fibres or a Shrinkage Reducing Admixture is recommended.

The Products manufactured are:

  • Rabban P1: Standard Plaster Mortar
  • Rabban P2: Plaster Mortar with Monofilament Polypropylene Fibres
  • Rabban P3: Plaster Mortar with Shrinkage Reducing Admixture


Period of Usage

The mortar is designed to remain usable for a specific period which is normally 36 – 48 hours. The Retarder prevents the normal setting of the mortar whilst it awaits use. However, as soon as the mortar is used, the suction exerted by the masonry units, either blocks or bricks, catalyses the setting mechanism and the mortar sets in the normal manner.


Curing procedures as recommended in BS or QCS should be followed.

Contractor’s Responsibility

Contractor is responsible to provide the following on site:

  • Wooden or Plastic Skips measuring 1m x 1m x 0.5m or measurable skips as per site requirements
  • Polyethylene Sheets to line and cover the discharged mortar
  • Plywood sheet to cover the top of the skip from Sun and Wind.

Minimum order volume is 2m3.

Technical Support

Rabban operates a technical support system to ensure the highest standards in product formulation, quality control and technical advice. This is achieved through a network of laboratories which provide the necessary quality assurance, material testing and site liaison facilities to the operating units, customers and specifiers.

Comprehensive technical data on the products are available on request.




Rabban Readymix have recently launched an innovative concept for Retarded Mortars


  • Ready to Use Block & Plaster Mortars containing Cement, Sand & Selected Admixtures
  • Mixed at Rabban Readymix Plant to provide CONSISTENT quality of Mortars, unlike mixing at Site where either proportions of Cement, Sand & water can vary from batch to batch resulting in settlement & cracking
  • Mortars that can be designed for use on site between 36 - 48 hours without the need to add extra water on site.
  • Mixes can be designed to suit customer requirements
  • Deliveries made previous day or early mornings enabling mortar available for the masons to commence work without waiting for materials to be batched, thus increasing speed
  • Guaranteed Strengths and performance
  • No need for site mixers, diesel, etc, specifically at constrained sites
  • Reduced wastage of site batched materials
  • Customer can use his batching workforce elsewhere
  • Saves time and money
Site Requirements:
  • Customer to provide 1m x 1m x 0.5m Wooden/Plywood/Plastic Boxes to store the mortars
  • Polythene sheets to line the boxes & cover the mortars
  • Plywood Sheet to cover the mortar from Sun & Wind.